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Closed for Regrowth

I came across this sign on a hike. The spot had seen too much traffic and needed a chance to rejuvenate. 
Don't you think every mom should own one of these signs?
 picketers for self-care
 to pull out and flash like a referee waving a red card in a soccer game
or to put on her bedroom door 
when she really, really needs a moment's peace
a break
a chance to collect herself.

National Parks close certain areas for regrowth in order to preserve the long-term wellness of a place. Sounds like a good idea to me! Remember it's okay to need time for "regrowth." It's okay to cultivate yourself (the definition of cultivate being "to promote or improve the growth of something by labor and attention.") Print out this picture, if you want, as a reminder (or to put on your bedroom door :). You really will have more to give.


Jamie Johnson said...

I really needed this reminder today! Thank you for this adorable little sign!

Stephanie said...

I love this. It is so true. I'm taking tennis lessons for the next 6 weeks and I come home so happy!

Marilyn Anderson said...

I love this SOOOO much. There are 500 times during the day when I feel guilt. Guilt about just simply getting ready for the day when I could be teaching my 3 year old his letters in the alphabet, guilt towards looking at cooking blogs when I could be working on fine motor skills with my one year old. Sometimes I need to remember that I need growth as a person. Yes I am a mom but I am also an individual. Thanks for the fantastic reminder!