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10 Reasons I Practice Yoga

It's okay to bend your knees!

I've only been practicing yoga sporadically for a few years, but I can already say with confidence that it has changed my life. Does that sound dramatic? Good! I hope the following reasons inspire you try yoga. Soon.

1. I feel relaxed and energized after a practice. It's an awesome way to cope with stress or work through a bad mood.

2. Yoga makes me more aware and appreciative of my body. Even though I have a ways to go toward my health goals, yoga keeps me from thinking negatively about my body, and instead helps me focus on its many incredible functions.

3. Though it doesn't have to be a spiritual practice, yoga has deepened my relationship with God and my understanding of the divine.

4. Yoga has improved my physical and emotional balance. Learning to calm my mind has done wonders for my emotional well-being. (Studies show that yoga can help treat depression).

5. You can practice yoga at home for free, with very little equipment. It's the perfect way to ease in or out of a day, or to get a mid-day boost. (I love the free 20-minute audio classes from Finally a type of exercise that doesn't have to be followed up by a shower :)

6. I am proof that you don't have to be flexible to practice yoga. In fact, inflexibility is a wonderful reason to start practicing. Yoga has undoubtedly increased my flexibility. Some of the best yoga advice I've ever gotten is that it's okay to bend your knees! Yoga philosophy encourages accepting what you are capable of today.

7. Working for a chiropractor who was also a yoga instructor taught me how effective yoga can be in preventing injury. Yoga was an integral part of treatment for many patients suffering from back pain. It addresses nearly every part of the body, toning and strengthening.

8. It's embracing of all skill levels. It's okay to be a beginner. Everyone was a beginner at one time.

9. Yoga helps me discover the power of my breath. It's truly transformative. Slowing your breathing slows your thoughts. Pausing to focus on my breath returns me to a place of peace when I'm feeling frantic or stressed.

10. It allows me to tap into my creative side with greater ease. I recently met someone who wrote a thesis about the connection between yoga and creativity. (Check out her website for some inspiration).

If you're still not convinced...well, at least I tried.

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Jamie Johnson said...

I love yoga too! I only started it a couple years ago, but I am a believer!