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My life changed the day I realized...

...there's room for creativity in every aspect of life

...I'm still a person, even though I'm a mom

...compassion toward one's self is paramount

...bad moments don't have to ruin whole days inability to imagine something doesn't mean it can't exist

                                                               How about you?


Jamie Johnson said...

My life changed the day I realized that...

...all is grace and to thank God for everything, even the hard times, is really the only pathway to joy.

...holiness can be woven into the fiber of every day.

...Blessing the life of just one person every day can eventually turn into millions.

...I need to think about this some more. Maybe I need to do a similar post? What a thought-provoking post. Thanks Gina, for helping me to reflect on the things that I've learned that have changed my life!

Jenny said...

Love this! Particularly your statement about compassion. Why is it so hard to be nice to ourselves?

I think my life changed when I realized that I wasn't responsible for someone else's opinion.