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Gratitude Challenge

It's been almost six months since Thanksgiving, which probably means it's time for a quick refresher on thankfulness (and maybe time to eat some turkey). 

Why is a grateful heart so hard to maintain? If I pay attention, I can usually feel myself slipping, making the subtle but treacherous shift from gratitude to ingratitude. To focusing on what I want instead of what I have. It's a scary crossover, and it's best to make your way back to the thankful side of things asap. But that mental shift can be tricky. 

Enter the Gratitude Challenge. (I got this idea from an article in a magazine put out by my church). Remember being double-dog dared to do things as a kid? Well, I double-dog dare you to take this gratitude challenge. Actually, make that a triple-dog dare.
I'm a big fan of lists in general, so it makes sense that an activity like this would help rekindle the fire of gratitude in my life and give me a needed-perspective shift. What are some ways you've found to cultivate the life-altering principle of gratitude? 

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Jamie Johnson said...

So great! Check out my thankful and gratitude posts on Quest for Happiness. The best book I have ever read (well, next to the scriptures of course) is One Thousand Gifts--a Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. Gina, this book is right up your alley. You really need to read this. I'd even let you borrow mine if we lived closer!