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Dare: Record 5 Reasons You're a Great Mom

Do you very often feel like a great mom?

I don't. 

I even find it hard to swallow when someone compliments an aspect of my parenting. It's not that I'm trying to be modest or unpretentious. I just find it extremely difficult to acknowledge my successes as a parent, when there are so many failures mixed in.

Do you know of many moms who give themselves enough credit for the abundant good that they do? It's often easier to show compassion to others than toward ourselves. I can effortlessly tell a friend what a good mom they are, but to turn around and say those words to myself? No way.

But I'm going to try it. This Mother's Day (only my second one as a mom), I'm going to cut myself some slack, and give myself the gift of 5 reasons Em is lucky to have me for a mom.

1. We go for lots of walks 

2. I'm a good tickler (and she's an excellent tickle-ee)

3. We have fun dancing in the kitchen

4. I'm trying to help her love books

5. I talk to her all day long

Phew. That was hard. But healthy. I dare you to try it. If you're feeling extra brave, you can even list your 5 reasons in the comments section.

This was the daily thought from Real Simple magazine. It's nice to find a bit of wisdom in my inbox every day. Isn't this a perfect motto for motherhood? (And life in general).

Happy Mother's Day. You, I am confident, are a great mom.


Haslem Family said...

Okay, ready or not...
1. I take my kids to the library weekly and along with story time, we check out a huge bage full of books.
2. I read to or listen to my kids read that big bag full of books.
3. I put yummy food on the table at every meal.
4. I'm striving to teach them how to work hard, even though it would just be easier if I did it for them. :)
5. I take my kids to church every week and teach those same doctrines at home.

Jamie Johnson said...

I feel the same way. I rarely see myself as even half a good mom. But perhaps I should try your listing idea to see if that helps:

1. I listen attentively to my boys when they talk, smile, and look them in the eye as if what they are telling me is the most interesting thing in the whole world.
2. We have story time every day
3. We do the small and simple things of FHE, family scripture study, and family prayer.
4. I want to be their best friend.
5. I try and teach them how to work (and have a positive attitude about it which is not always the easiest thing)

Thanks Gina. My mom told me the other day that every night before I get in bed I need to literally pat myself on the back and tell myself, "Jamie, you did a good job today. You mothered three children and did_______ (list one or two things). You are amazing." It's hard, but on the days I do it it sure makes all the difference.

Becky Knowles said...

Gina, your blog is fabulous. I'm very impressed and totally inspired by the posts. Convincing myself that I am indeed a good mom since I have started working full time is one of the hardest things I've ever done. Thanks for helping me to think through it today:
1. I tell them I love them and tuck them into their beds every night after listening to them say their prayers.
2. I am teaching them to eat healthy foods.
3. I take them to church and we have family night every week.
4. I remind them how much I love and appreciate their dad on a daily basis.
5. I am teaching them how to fold their clothes, read, write, tie their shoes, and be respectful to people and things.