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The milestone I was most eager for my child to reach was...


Finally, at fourteen months old, Em is an official crawler!

Well-meaning individuals would advise me to enjoy Em's immobility, but how could I, when she was so stinking miserable and bored? I mean, her physical capabilities remained mostly static for like seven months!

It was tough not to get swept up in milestone mania, but I tried to remain level-headed. And now my sweet baby is a crawler, just in time to be super helpful with packing up our apartment (I put things in boxes, she takes them out, repeat).

She's just so fun lately. Her fun-level has quadrupled, and I feel like the first fourteen months of her life are finally paying off :)

What milestone were (or are) you most anxious for your child/children to reach?

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Jamie Johnson said...

Tate didn't talk till he was two. It was miserable. The doctor thought his head was too small and we had to take him into a neruosurgeon. But the Surgeon said he was fine so we just had to pray and have lots of faith.

It all paid off now that he is such a chatterbox!