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"I cannot live without books" -Thomas Jefferson

Did you ever have a read-athon in elementary school? I have few school memories fonder than those of read-athons. Bringing your pillow and favorite treats, burrowing into a corner of the classroom with a captivating book--a whole day devoted to reading (interrupted only by recess). Bliss. Lamentably, the concept of a whole day to read is hardly comprehensible in the adult world.

Reading is one of those activities that can be easily bullied to the bottom of our priority list. As crucial as the health of the intellect is, the demands of the body generally win out. The number of books I read is far fewer than in my pre-mama days, but I still find great solace and respite in the pages of an engaging novel and in scripture. Reading makes me feel like myself, and such activities are usually a wise way to spend your scant free time. 

Try allotting some time this week for reading, whether it be the newspaper, a novel or short story, the Bible, or a magazine. Stick a collection of poetry in your bathroom. If you've never been to your local library, venture out. Explore audio books--they're great for long drives or doing the dishes. Read with your kids. Consider starting a book club. If you have trouble deciding what to read, Good Reads is an extensive website that recommends books by genre, or according to what you've liked in the past.

I don't profess to be an expert on all things literary, but I love when someone asks me to recommend a good book. I have to restrain from throwing my entire bookshelf at them. So if you'd like to risk being pummeled with airborne hardcovers, you can check out my list of book recommendations.

What are your favorite books to escape into?

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