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I don't feel like the best parent when I...

Give 10-month-old Em toys that say "ages 3+" (but they're so much fun!)

Feed her squash while I eat chocolate.

Put her in a jacket instead of a coat, because it's easier to wrangle her into her car seat that way. (I think she'd prefer nudity altogether, if only we lived in a warmer climate).

Try to cuddle her and instead we bonk heads.

I didn't feel like the best parent when I took Em for a walk in the front pack, and didn't discover until nearly the end of our wintry trek that her socks AND booties had fallen off. Don't worry, she only lost two toes to frost bite, and they were her least attractive ones.

I don't feel like the best parent when I...

Let Em play with my shopping list and she consumes some of it. (Maybe the paper fibers will ease her constipation).

Find toe jam between her piggies.

Leave her in the car while I check the PO Box.

Let her cry while I put the finishing touches on this post :)

Convince me that I'm not the only imperfect parent by completing the sentence in the comment's section.

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Jamie Johnson said...

I don't feel like the best parent when I ignore the cries from the crib signalling the end of a I'm doing now otherwise I'd write a whole bunch more!