Change of Address

This blog has gotten a slight makeover (slight like a trim, not Botox), and taken up a new residence. Come on over!


I feel like an awesome parent when I...

Dance with Em in the kitchen.

Give her a massage.

Feed her more veggies than fruit.

Give her my full attention.

Don’t feel guilty about not always being able to give her my full attention

Don’t begrudge the moment she wakes up from her nap

Remember to record her milestones.

Write in the little journal I’m keeping for her.

Teach her something new.

Sing songs (she loves my slightly irreverent version of “The Ants go Marching”, in which ant three stops to take a pee).

Make her laugh.

Remember to love her the way she is, and not wish for her to be different.

Give yourself some credit and share a comment about when you feel like an awesome parent.

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