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Embrace the Will of the Moment

This is one of the shiniest gold nuggets of wisdom I received from my counselor. We all have our own agendas ("Everyone has their own idiot agenda" -Walk Two Moons), and if you're like me, it's maddening when something--or someone--throws a kink in your plans. But that's kind of the definition of children. Kink-throwers. Adorable, sweet, messy kink-throwers. Why is it that Em poops every time I'm in a hurry to get out the door? Why, when I desperately need a few minutes of downtime, does she have a meltdown? I really don't know, except that perhaps there is some credence to Murphy's Law (the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train).
Em's will in this moment was to be nursed in the great outdoors
One way to deal with frustrating circumstances is to surrender to the will of the moment. Let go of your plans (unclench one white knuckle at a time), and go where the moment takes you. Most things can wait. I didn't realize what a control freak I was until I became the mother of a little creature that, try as I might, I cannot control. Em still hasn't caught on to the schedule I've been trying to impose upon her for months--I'm beginning to think my consistency has been wasted on her. I should probably just relax (is that word even in the dictionary of a first-time mom?) The important thing is, I'm attempting. So the next time your child (or friend, or boss, or spouse) needs you at an inopportune time, try to let go of what you want, and embrace the will of the moment.

At certain times, cuddling up with the moment's will just isn't possible. Such as when you're:
1. In the shower. Though your babe's howl may sound like the end of the world is imminent, even new mamas deserve to rinse out their conditioner.
2. In the middle of cooking dinner--those boiling noodles can be as demanding as any squalling baby.
3. Naked/getting dressed. (Though I must admit there are times when I only get my underwear on before attending to Em's clamorous cries).

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