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Grandma vs. Google

For all of its infinity and connectedness, I've been thinking lately about ways the internet may be weakening our relationships. Before Google, where did new parents turn for advice? (Besides Dr. Spock, of course). I'm guessing other people. Their parents and friends and grandparents. Not that people don't still seek information that way--I've just noticed it isn't my first inclination when I have a question. Why call Grandma when you can consult Google? Well, for starters, Grandma will likely get immense pleasure from sharing her hard-earned knowledge with you. Though she probably can't boast a PhD, she has years of experience in living, and is an expert in her own right. 

So in addition to seeking out answers on the internet, I've been trying to turn to other people. Last time a group of women from my church got together, I picked their brains about de-constipating my babe. And I got some excellent ideas--ones I hadn't come across online. Being acquainted with the people offering advice is comforting, too. When Em got the flu, I was impressed that my husband's instinct was to call his mom. Utilizing people instead of search engines is also satisfying because I can't remember the last time Google sympathized with me, the way my sister does when I call her in a stress-fit about how Em won't nap longer than thirty minutes. 

Still, I will always be grateful to the internet for keeping me up-to-date on the goings on of people I didn't even like in high school; for delivering the many (many) uplifting forwards from my grandpa; for providing a thousand yummy recipes at my fingertips, and for allowing me to share my ramblings with all of you.

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