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Will you indulge me while I recount some Emidotes? (Anecdotes involving Em)

The other day she wandering into the bathroom while her dad was peeing, and said, "Whoa. Yucky."

We went to an ice cream shop with my grandparents. Just after I told them to, "Pick whatever you like," I glanced over to find Em picking her nose.

On a recent drive I was making a list of Em's words, and said to my husband, "She doesn't say yes, does she?" To which she piped up from the back seat, "Yes."

She peeped on someone in a bathroom stall for the first time. Don't you love how kids have no sense of social appropriateness?

This morning I was literally on my knees, praying for patience, when Em walked up and pulled my hair. Glad to know I'm praying for the right things.

I love that she's old enough to be funny, and star in anecdotes. Remember to write down the funny things your kids say and do--otherwise you'll forget them and it'll drive you nuts.

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Jamie said...

Those are hilarious! I love tweeting the funny things my boys say! Someday I'll print them into a book...I don't follow anyone or have any followers, I just like to tweet to myself :)