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This blog has gotten a slight makeover (slight like a trim, not Botox), and taken up a new residence. Come on over!


Blog Revamp

I went a little nuts on the blog, obviously. I'm not sure what came over me, but it resulted in not enough sleep last night, on top of daylight savings. The new name was inspired by the following poem:

Linda Pastan

Because of the menace
your father opened
like a black umbrella
and held high 
over your childhood
blocking the light,
your life now seems

to you exceptional
in its simplicities
You speak of this,
throwing the window open
on a plain spring day,
after such a winter.

Kind of a pensive poem, but I couldn't resist the pairing of "exceptional" and "simplicities." In large part the beauty of children is how they continually fill our days with simple yet exceptional moments.

As for the end of the poem: I am anxiously awaiting a plain spring day, to dazzle me after such a winter.

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Jamie Johnson said...

I love the phrase you found of exceptional simplicities. The small and simple are always the best.