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Keeping Track of Milestones

I had every intention of completing a detailed baby book for Em. I just needed to find the right one. The perfect cross between adorable and classy, with tasteful amounts of pink. Well, ten months have passed, and I still haven't found a book (or even remembered to look for one).

But all is not lost. My mother-in-law gave me a "First Year" calendar. Logging Em's milestones has been (mostly) easy, with the calendar, and an attached pen, hanging right next to her crib. I just fill in whatever new and amazing feat she accomplished on the applicable day. Possibly I've gotten a little out of hand, venturing beyond the traditional milestones (rolling, sitting up, crawling--oh wait, that still hasn't happened), and starting recording things like "first bad hair day" and "first taste of chocolate--snuck to her by her cousin." You can easily make your own First Year Calendar, by printing off a blank calendar template. 

Happy recording!

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Jamie Johnson said...

I love the little firsts you record like chocolate and such! So cute! I need to do this. I tweet all the random funny hilarious things my boys say so someday I can print a twitter book. No one follows me and I follow no one it's just a way to record the things I say I'll remember but always seem to forget. I'll have to add Maylie's firsts to the tweets!