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Ode to Dollar Stores

My dollar store love began as a child, because I never had more than a few dollars to spend, and dollar stores made me feel rich. I wandered the aisles of Six Star, awestruck that a mere four quarters could practically buy me the whole world. Candy, jewelry, bouncy balls, figurines, head bands, coloring books, dolls...the sheer recollection makes me swoon. Maybe I just miss the days when satisfaction cost only a few dollars.

Still, my affinity for dollar stores has trailed me into adulthood. Partially out of financial necessity, but also because I delight in thriftiness. I can't remember the last time I spent more than $15 on a shirt (and my wardrobe probably bespeaks this). I love leaving a store with heavy bags and a still heavier wallet. Sometimes buying generic isn't a good idea (tampons come to mind), but other times you can get away with buying cheap stuff. So here are a few of my favorite dollar store items (found at Dollar Tree, fortunately my favorite, since it's the only such store in my town). 

Miniature glass bowls (set of 3)
Pop-up laundry basket (we use one for recycling, too)
Office supplies (paper clips, organizers, push pins, etc.) 
Baskets for Em's toys--all shapes, colors, and sizes
Party supplies
Mini composition notebooks (set of 3)--perfectly purse-sized, for grocery lists, or the recording of epiphanies 
Plastic sandwich bags
Men's dress socks (my poor husband)
Justin Bieber-themed anything (joke)
Anything Zac Efron-themed (not joking)
Rubber bouncy-ball-esque thing, lights up
Board books
And don't forget Grab Bags. The mystery, the excitement, the disappointment.

Today I bought a microwavable egg poacher (it actually worked!), and some Harry Potter Valentines. I told my husband he might get one, on the condition that he asks me to be his Valentine. (Every year he likes to keep me in suspense...) We actually went to a dollar store on our very first date, to pick out $1 gifts for each other. (Ceramic doctor figurine for him, temporary tattoos for me). So, maybe it's not such a mystery that I'm sentimental about dollar stores.

What are your favorite thrifty finds?

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Jamie Johnson said...

Thrifty finds for me come from the DI. I know it has a bad rap but I have come to love it for home deocr accessories and furniture that needs a bit of loving (by paint and shabby sanding). My favorite find is an antique record player scored for $20. The speakers have damask fabric and still work! I painted it antique white, hooked up our ipod and wallah! homemade sound system for $20 and a can of paint.