Change of Address

This blog has gotten a slight makeover (slight like a trim, not Botox), and taken up a new residence. Come on over!


I'm new at this

It's the second day of a new year, and I'm feeling ambitious. So ambitious, in fact, that I talked my husband into forgoing fast food on our way home from working out. I'm big on resolutions. I don't save them for January first. I make new month resolutions, new apartment resolutions, new job resolutions.

One of my resolves for 2012 is to live creatively, in every aspect of my life. Including parenting. Currently the commanding presence in my life is my ten-month-old (as of January 1, 2012) baby girl, Em. That's right, I've only been a mom for ten months, and here I am telling you how to do your job. But not really. I just hope this blog will be an effective way to mingle my love of writing and my love of spending time with my baby. Because as I've recently learned, becoming a parent doesn't mean you stop having your own life. (Also, I'll feel better about the thousands of dollars I spent getting a creative writing degree).

I didn't slide effortlessly or easily into my role as a mother. At times it pinches my toes, often it makes me uncomfortable, and on occasion, I want to trade it in and go bare foot again. I'm still trying to figure out how to play this new part--sometimes I think my life has been cast wrong, because how on earth can I be expected to be someone's mom?

But motherhood has afforded me unparalleled opportunities for growth. It has stretched me, stressed me out, deepened me, and humbled me. My hope is that my musings will help enrich your own parenthood pilgrimage.